CL-449 Family

CL-449 Family

CL-449 Family



  • Programmable with Do-It-Yourself Composer software
  • (4) inputs software configurable as switch to battery, switch to ground, 12-bit analog, frequency, PWM or quadrature encoder
  • (4) 2A PWM outputs with estimated current feedback (or 2.5A digital outputs).  Outputs can be factory configured as digital switch to battery inputs (number of outputs available is reduced).
  • (1) J1939 CAN ports 


Type:  Master or I/O
Data Sheet:  View PDF
Voltage Total Inputs Total Outputs CAN Ports J1708 Ports RS232 Ports USB Ports 5 VDC Supply I/O Status (LEDs) IP Rating

The CL-449 is a solid-state microcontroller based module and member of the HED® CANLink® multiplexed control family.  Sealed to an IP67 level allows module to be mounted external of the cab.  This module provides powerful functionality in a compact and economical package.  The CL-449 can be programmed using HED®’s do-it-yourself CANLink® Composer™ programming tool and the CANLink® Conductor™ software tool for diagnostics and field troubleshooting.  The CL-449 includes 4 software configurable inputs and 4 2Amp PWM (or 2.5Amp Digital) outputs.  Click to see more information on markets.


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  • 3-D IGES 
  • 2-D DXF 



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