CL-T04 CANect® Wi-Fi Module


  • Open-source based Linux OS and HED's SDK allows OEM to develop their own HTML5 / PHP based website that is hosted locally on CL-T04 module.
  • Cortex A8 ARM processor running up to 800MHz
  • 4GB FLASH (optional up to 32GB) for data logging
  • 2 CAN ports - interface to CAN system (HED or other)
  • 1 USB Host port
  • Real Time Clock Calendar (RTC) with Internal Battery
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer to monitor vehicle angle and acceleration
  • GPS (optional) to capture vehicle speed, direction and location 
  • Low Power Sleep Mode; Wake-up from digital input or time set by RTC

Avoid these service tool pitfalls:

  • Inability of old system to work with new Windows drivers
  • Access to computer administrative rights to install software and drivers
  • Access to a laptop with the proper software installed when issue occurs
  • Lack of durable USB connections
  • USB cable length causing communication errors


Life just got easier for service techs who maintain on and off-highway vehicles.  HED Inc. announces the release of the most innovative development regarding service tools in years, the CANect Wi-Fi Module.  This module is the latest in the CANect series of wireless products for vehicle monitoring.  The Wi-Fi module frees you from the constraints of cables, Windows versions, USB drivers and PC hardware that cause technicians to struggle when trying to quickly diagnose and resolve vehicle issues.  The CANect Wi-Fi module simplifies the following tasks for any CAN-based control system (HED or other):

  • View live vehicle data for trouble-shooting issues
    • Locally on a smart device
    • Remotely via mobile hotspot tethering (can eliminate a trip to the vehicle by a technician)
  • Provide prognostics by viewing and trending historical data
  • Set vehicle parameters with a smart device (no vehicle display required)
  • Reprogram the vehicle control software
  • Determine current software versions
  • Pushing stored vehicle data to secure servers via a hotspot or router

 Plus, all this can be accomplished with using any device that has Wi-Fi capability and a web browser, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.  The Wi-Fi module accomplishes this by linking the vehicle CAN-bus, via 2 CAN ports, with an HTML website that is hosted locally on the module.  In addition, this module facilitates tethering to a mobile hotspot, allowing remote diagnostic access to a technician located anywhere in the world.  Therefore, technicians can remotely diagnose issues on the vehicle without a cellular modem and without paying the monthly fees usually associated with this technology.

The CL-T04 module is equipped with a powerful 32-bit Freescale Cortex A8 ARM processor running a Linux operating system.  The open-source based Linus OS and HED's SDK allows the OEM to develop their own HTLM5 / PHP based website that is hosted locally on the module.  The robust waterproof module can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle and has the following features:

  • Data logging capability - 4GB of eMMC memory standard; upgradeable to 32GB
  • Up to 200ft range - internal Wi-Fi and GSP antenna
  • 2 CAN ports - J1939 and CANopen capable
  • Real Time Clock to time stamp data
  • 3-axis accelerometer to detect vehicle angle and acceleration
  • GPS (optional) to capture vehicle speed, direction and location

Harness the power of the smart device already in your pocket by adding the CL-T04 to your existing vehicle control system.


 CL-T04-100, (Wi-Fi & GPS with Internal Antennas)   Data sheet

CL-T04-103, (Wi-Fi &GPS with External Antennas)   Data sheet

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