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What is CANect® Telematics?

See how CANect Telematics can provide you and your customers better visibility into your assets' health, operations, and location to help increase revenue and decrease costs.

What is HED CANect® Telematics?

 With CANect® Telematics from HED, 800-398-2224, you can remotely monitor and manage your vehicle fleet. The CANect system delivers both live and historical vehicle data. Plus, it can monitor, transmit and store over 4,000 vehicle data points. All this data is available via a secure, customized web portal. This makes CANect® the most flexible and powerful telematics system currently available for on-and off-highway vehicles.

What are CANect®'s Key Benefits?

First, CANect® makes predictive maintenance easier. This maximizes vehicle uptime and minimizes vehicle breakdowns — which saves you money. Second, CANect® increases efficiency and safety by allowing you to monitor operator behavior. Third, CANect®'s precise asset management lets you observe and control vehicle and fleet parameters, including location, speed, heading and fuel consumption.

What Makes HED CANect® Telematics Unique?

CANect®'s troubleshooting mode captures up to 20 data points at 10ms intervals, then displays this data directly from the customized CANect® web portal. CANect®'s two-way communication lets you perform software tools updates for your vehicles directly from your desktop. These are critically important capabilities for vehicle OEMs delivering more value for their customers and for fleet managers who need tools to easily monitor and manage vehicles.

What Do I Gain with CANect®'s Advanced Configurability?

Time is money in fleet operations. CANect® lets you set alerts through its web portal — then receive those alerts via the internet, text or email. Using the web portal, you select and modify the vehicle parameters you want to monitor and how often. No other telematics system gives you this sophisticated level of control and configurability.

Why is CANect® the World Leader in Telematics?

CANect® is a complete telematics solution, including hardware, software tools, and a secure,customized web portal. CANect® collects all CAN-based vehicle data — then allows you to access this data 24/7 via GSM cellular, Wi-Fi, or via hardwire. CANect® is fully programmable through its web portal — delivering the data you want, when you want it. Plus, CANect®'s two- way communication makes it easy to remotely troubleshoot and re-program a single vehicle, or an entire fleet. CANect® is a total telematics solution.

CANect® Telematics from HED

Locate, monitor and manage your vehicle fleet 24/7. HED introduces CANect® Telematics and Data Logging systems. CANect® gives fleet managers and vehicle OEMs an unrivaled level of web-based configurability options and telematics-enabled vehicle control. 

CANect® helps deliver maximum uptime, lower cost of ownership, precise asset management and increased productivity by managing vehicle health assessing operator behavior and quickly addressing vehicle service issues. 

For over 25 Years, HED has been a world leader in vehicle controls and CAN-based vehicle hardware and software tools systems. HED has now leveraged its vehicle expertise to create CANect®, the world's most advanced vehicle telematics system. CANect® monitors, manages and transmits vehicle data securely across the globe via bidirectional cellular or Wi-Fi connections. When it comes time to implement telematics — choose the best. Choose the power that only CANect® telematics, from HED, can deliver.

HED Control System Development Process

HED utilizes a New Product Development (NPD) process that is based upon Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodology. The NPD process is a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to assure that a product satisfies the customer. The goals are to ensure a quality product on time at the lowest cost.

NPD process key characteristics are:

  • Upfront definition of requirements, together with test plans and project timing. 
  • Robust design practice including FMEAs, design guidelines and product validation. 
  • Structured component and scope change processes. 
  • Customer approval at key milestones 
  • HED top management commitment to the effort required in achieving customer satisfaction.

Orchestra Application Software Tools

Orchestra is a complete suite of user-friendly software tools to quickly and effectively implement your vehicle control strategy.

  • Composer uses intuitive Ladder Logic interface for creating complete system logic. 
  • Composer Presto allows user to program in C or C++ only or a combination of C or C+ and Ladder Logic. 
  • Arranger allows user to easily create display applications by dragging & dropping "widgets" onto screens, including custom images, text boxes, Gauges and Progress Bars. 
  • Conductor tool gives a real time view of the system inputs, outputs and variables for debugging application softare and wire harnesses. 
  • Modem connection option for Conductor allows for remote diagnostics for field reprogramming and trouble shooting.

HED Test Campabilities

HED utilizes a comprehensive Test Guideline that is based upon industry standards and HED's product development experience. The test guideline is separated into the Mechanical, Electrical and EMC areas. Each individual test has an associated procedure within the guideline. HED is able to incorporate industry standards and can tailor the testing to specific customer needs.

Combined Thermal Stability incorporates low, storage, and high environmental temperature extremes. 

  • HALT, or Highly Accelerated Life Testing, is a harsh environmental test incorporating simultaneous temperature extremes and vibration up to 50g. 
  • Water ingress tests including IP64, IP67, IP9K, and Military standards. 
  • HED electrically verifies vehicle extremes and malfunctions including open, shorts, jump starts, voltage ranges, power droop, reverse voltage, series-and-parallel resistance and imported spikes. 
  • Powered and unpowered ESD tests are performed at HED. We have even designed an ESD coupling test to verify ungrounded mounting. 
  • Industry-standard and HED-specific verification for BCI and radiated emissions & immunity are completed. 

In summary HED has a robust product development process that incorporates a comprehensive component Test Guideline. We tailor the test plan to the customer application as required.

Introduction to HED

Introduction to HED. HED's mission is to provide leading-edge rugged electronic control solutions, specializing in multiplexed on-vehicle applications, serving a global customer base.

We achieve this by partnering with our customers to rapidly create optimized control solutions using our broad standard product offering, customization capabilities and user-friendly programming tools.

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