Develop Your Own CANect® Solution 


Creating an efficient and informative telematics system is no small task.  What data to collect?  How often?  What to do with the data?  How to present it effectively?  HED’s Application Engineers can help you develop a telematics strategy that drives ROI for you and your customers. 

Select the right hardware for your application:  GSM, Wi-Fi or smart datalogger

Define a data management strategy:

  • Data collection: 
    • How to provide immediate notifications and alerts
    • Understanding what parameters to monitor and how often
  • Data processing and storage
    • Where to store data for immediate and future use
  •  Data presentation
    • How to create a compelling and useful dashboard
    • Formatting & reporting  that allows users to take intelligent action
  • Data access:
    • Who gets the data necessary for their job and when?
    • How to establish user hierarchy and data access
  • Utilizing the CANect® View® to create on-vehicle wireless vehicle management experience
  • Creating an on-vehicle WiFi service tool for maintenance personnel

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