CANect® View®

Interact with your vehicle control system wirelessly.

CANect® Wi-Fi enabled modules allow you to connect using smart phones, tablets, and PCs without having to download a single piece of software to your device. Customers can use their mobile devices to interact with equipment for a variety of functions:

  • Vehicle health dashboard with rich graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Means of logging and exporting diagnostics and historical data
  • Interactive troubleshooting tool for control system issues
  • Remotely control equipment functions such as lighting, HVAC, door locks, etc. 
  • View and download service videos and equipment manuals
  • Wireless over-the-air programming and configuration of vehicle systems

Everything resides on the CANect® module to make your life easier. Equipment operators and service personnel don’t have to fumble over harnessing or worry about software tools compatibility issues. 

Home Screen

The home page can be customized to the customer’s requirements to provide a quick, responsive user interaction.

The button design allows an operator or service personnel the ability to quickly navigate on any device through the features and tools that this application provides.

This application works with both touch screen and mouse navigated devices.

Rich and Responsive Graphics

This feature allows you to observe live vehicle data in the same graphics as the in-cab display use a tablet while you are around the vehicle or offsite – ideal for mobile troubleshooting.

Secondly, with this virtual dashboard feature, your mobile device can now become your in-cab display.  Equipment operators mount their mobile device to the dashboard to use it as a gauge cluster.

Guided Work Flow

Most on-highway vehicle applications require a pre-operational check to ensure proper equipment service and operational safety.

The pre-flight check list example permits the operator to physically carry the instruction and sign-off with them around the vehicle.  Additionally, the checklist can then be automatically and digital generated for report.

This technology is also capable of provide operational interlocks if the vehicle hasn’t been inspected and signed-off.

Peripheral Equipment Controls:

Use View to control non-critical or safety related functionality. Works lights, door locks, HVAC systems, engine start are examples of the creature comforts that can be remotely controlled from a personal device. The mobile device is now a key-FOB.

Ease of Ownership

Capture, track and present maintenance schedule and life cycle maintenance routines. Additionally, present active (DM1) and historic (DM2) powertrain fault codes (FMI/SPN).

CANect Composer® provides a quick and easy method of capturing fault codes and presenting them to the user interface.

Stored Digital Media and Service Literature

Owner’s manuals, service literature, and maintenance information can be stored directly on the CANect® device.  For example, this includes *.pdf documents and embedded *.mp4 videos.

It can securely stored and controlled with the equipment for operators and service personnel. View is capable of conveniently hosting it.

Diagnostic Visualization

Similar to advanced display applications, View allows users to monitor advanced graphical representations of the vehicle with dynamic illustrations of actionable items, service notifications, and even usage metrics. 

Simplifies the complexities of servicing your full vehicle.

Over-The-Air Programming

Leave your wires and cables at home. CANect can do it all. Securely and reliably program your vehicle without a wired connection. A single packet can reprogram CANLink® devices. This can be achieved from a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Allows you to update a single module, an entire system or even graphics for the display (via high-speed Ethernet).

Tighten Up Your Tolerances with eWrench®

Use the power of View is to calibrate equipment functionality during the manufacturing process or during incremental service intervals.

Furthermore, this feature can be secured to only allow certain personnel to access it.

Real-Time Data

Some of the most difficult issues to diagnose are those that are transient. This often requires you to utilize real-time data to see the issue as it occurs.  View can report values quickly. In most cases, faster than dashboard gauges and the variety of HMI.

Capturing transient events and screen shots of those events are critical to quickly resolving in-field issues.

Trending Data

Plotting single or multiple values over time provides the ability to track and monitor performance or detect transient vehicle behaviors such as hydraulic surges or erroneous function movements.

Historical data allows service technicians to fine-tune maintenance schedules to actual vehicle need.

On-Board Sensor Utilities

CANect devices have GPS and accelerometers onboard. The data from these devices can be utilized in the customer experience to provide guidance, tracking, vehicle attitude, and even event tracking.

These sensors make the CANect product capabilities a complete IoT solution for the mobile equipment market.

CANect® Module Application Tools

HED has developed a set of development tools and processes that expedite the application development for CANect® modules. These tools include utilities such as CAN protocol parsers that convert CAN data to consumable APIs and advance interface protocols. The HED Vehicle Parameter Control Application (VPCA) is completely agnostic to standard and proprietary CAN protocols. As such, CANect® can interact with any CAN-based control system!  Likewise, CANect® offers pre-built module software tools that can be easily manipulated to conform to any application.

The benefits of developing application for CANect® modules include:

  • Interface with any CAN device or system using any CAN protocol
  • Develop rich graphical user experiences without having to deal with different device stores
  • CANect® module applications use HTML5 and provide complete module agnostics

Application Examples

Click here to see how DYNAJET, Pierce, and Life Line used HED’s CANect® solution to improve their customers’ user experience.  

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